Ed Parker's System

American Kenpo  

We teach American Kenpo at our school employing a comprehensive application of Concepts, Theories, Principles, Terminology. American Kenpo is comprised of Self Defense Techniques, Forms, Sets and Basics unique to Mr. Parker's system. Mr. Parker honed his Art into a science in the forty years he devoted to The Martial Arts; He refined his Art until it was razor sharp, making it the cutting edge of the Martial Arts. Because of his persistent explorations and innovative creations, Mr. Parker became the first American master to develop an American System of the Martial Arts. He was the creator of an art which is practical with many different uses. The System of American Kenpo is to the Martial Arts as 3-Dimensional Chess is to the game of Checkers or as Jazz is to Music. The combinations are as infinite as the stars in the Heavens.

Mr. Parker's system  contains seeds of continual evolutionary progress that are distinctly ingrained into it's very fabric, allowing the practitioner to be flexible in thought and action with its use, design and creative application well into the next millennium. Logic is the Keystone of Kenpo which is used to instill good judgment which assist in problem solving. "Kenpo does not teach you what to think, but how to think."

"What it means to be an Ed Parker Black Belt: While physical skills are mandatory prerequisites for obtaining a Black Belt, a true Black Belt is one who is expedient in his use of psychological strategy.  Psychological strategy transpires when the attitude of a Black Belt is such that his spiritual qualities overcome his physical fixations. When a Black Belt conveys kindness instead of hate, peace instead of animosity, and uses words instead of his fists, he is truly a Black Belt."

Before you can unlock the door of the future, you must first find the key that unlocks the Past. When it come to American Kenpo there is only One Key...And that key was hammered and pounded into shape over forty years by a Master Blacksmith; The Senior Grand Master himself Mr. ED Parker. He fashioned "Excalibur," the key of all keys...The Master Key which can only be lifted by the One whose knowledge and intentions are true. To be used for good over evil, life over death, might for right instead of wrong.  "Are you The One...?" 

As with any legacy there is "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". So be careful in which you choose.

Associate Professor Tommy Chavies
5th Degree Black
1st Generation Mr. Ed Parker