Law Enforcement Agencies

      In Close Quarter Combat (CQB) situations that Peace Officers routinely find themselves in on a daily basis, Kenpo works best because of its versatility and wide range of methods used to counter situational attacks. Kenpo training allows an officer to select whatever defensive tactics deemed necessary to: detain, control, restrain, or subdue any suspect or assailant. Kenpo reinforces skills already acquired, as well as teach you new ones.

      When firearms are not an option, Kenpo's quick and explosive techniques permit you to effectively stop one or more combative assailants with minimum exposure of vital targets, in the shortest amount of time. Wrestling on the ground for an extended amount of time in a "One on One" situation places you at greater risk of getting injured as well as losing your firearm. Just imagine a scenario with two or more combative suspects; logic dictates alternate means other than wrestling. Kenpo is the problem solver; it gives you viable options that work.

      Martial Arts are being taught across the country and around the world. It stands to reason that sooner or later some of the individuals you'll have to arrest will RESIST. Keep the advantage by knowing what they know and more. Add Kenpo to your "Sam or Sally Brown," unlike a gun they can't take it away because they can't see it. Kenpo works!


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