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Mission Statement: American Kenpo Concepts International's mission is to provide the exclusive teaching and promotion of "Ed Parker's System of American Kenpo" to individuals who believe in and are committed to standards of excellence in the Martial Arts. In addition, we believe that increasing our knowledge is not enough; we must increase our understanding of what we have learned. It is our objective to expound on Concepts, Principles, Terminology and Theories found in the Forms, Sets, and Techniques of Mr. Parker's system so that it will always be the Vanguard of the Martial Arts for generations to come, for those seeking perfection of Skill and Character through The Art of Kenpo.



   Thank You for choosing our studio to end your search for Quality Martial Arts. Our well trained Staff of Professional Instructors represent many years of experience in the martial arts. Headed by Mr. Chavies, a veteran martial artist with over 46 years of experience, and protege of the man Known as the undisputed "Father of American Karate" Senior Grand Master Mr. Ed Parker.

   We teach Ed Parker's System of American Kenpo, a progressive and most effective system of Self Defense. It is one of the more innovative methods of unarmed protection to date. Mr. Parker the Master Architect of American Kenpo structured it to be versatile in thought and in action. "Kenpo techniques combine body mechanics with principles of natural laws based on logic. Consequently, the efficiency and practicality of these techniques lie in their design which logically harmonizes them with our modern environment." Its use of Linear and Circular movements are used to generate explosive power and unlimited combinations using the hands and feet. Kenpo is a structurally fast system employing: Blocks, Punches, Kicks, Strikes, Locks, Holds, Parries, Checks, Strike-Downs, Take-Downs, and multi-faceted Fighting Strategies, etc...In addition, Kenpo teaches Principles and Concepts which allows you the flexibility to tailor your training to fit whatever circumstances you may find yourself in.

   All classes are personally taught by a Black Belt Instructor, or they're under his/her supervision. Collectively our instructors have over 200 years of dedicated study to the martial arts. We appreciate you selecting our studio to demonstrate our commitment to Quality Kenpo Instruction. With HARD WORK and DESIRE Kenpo can be easily adapted to each persons ability and needs, regardless of sex, age or size. American Kenpo is tailored to fit the individual, from young kids to mature adults. You will Enjoy learning Kenpo, the art of self defense. The study of Kenpo increases your Energy Level, while at the same time reduces Stress. It improves your Health and Physical Fitness  in doing so it builds Confidence, a more Positive Self Image. It helps develop better Focus and Concentration, as well as Personal Discipline. The study of Kenpo teaches you how to remain calm in threatening situations. Armed with your knowledge of self defense you will walk away Victorious. Once you've learned this effective and versatile system of self defense you will never leave your home unprotected. Unlike your keys, pepper spray  or any other type of man-made weapon, you can't forget to take it with you, it goes wherever you go.

   At our Studio, We Strive to insure that each person receives the Best Self Defense training available. We Encourage each student to attain their Maximum Potential as they progress in The Art of Kenpo. Through dedicated training; always giving your best effort and nothing less, you will be able to master the skills necessary to protect yourself, family and friends. Invest in your future today by enrolling yourself & family in Tommy Chavies' American Kenpo Concepts.

Make The Logical Choice, and reap the benefits that will last a lifetime...

Thank you for your consideration!

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