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The Benefits of Membership

  1. High uniform standards of proficiency and skill for instructors and students.

  2. Internationally recognized and standardized grade and rank.

  3. Opportunities for instructors to progress toward higher rank through well defined prerequisites.

  4. Availability of advanced training for instructors.

  5. Open competition of Internationally recognized tournaments

  6. Recourse to Regional Directors, Association Teachers, a System Council, and a Board of Directors.

  7. Assistance in upgrading business procedures.

  8. Assistance in upgrading and learning new teaching and training methods.

  9. Visits at your request, and per agreed, by Association Teachers.

  10. Training camps, seminars and workshops throughout the year.

  11. An exchange program is available that will allow students, and instructors to see first hand the training of others in the Association.

  12. Identification for schools, students, and instructors. Member schools and/or clubs are issued annual certificates. Students and instructors are issued individual certification diplomas and ID cards.
      This is by no means covers the full range of services offered by the A.K.C.I. but it should give you sufficient insight to weigh for yourself the advantages over trying to "go it alone". This way there is no need to learn for yourself the lessons that collectively have taken the members of the A.K.C.I. many decades to learn.

      Our Association provides an opportunity for all instructors to work together; comparing, correcting, modernizing; and improving upon the base of existing knowledge, is the aim and goal of American Kenpo Concepts International Association.

      Wherever your efforts may lead you in the Arts, know that the hand of brotherhood and fellowship is extended in your direction.


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