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The Structure Of AKCI
      Today the AKCI is a combination of business management and professional Martial Artists dedicated to learning and perpetuating the art and spirit of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate. The Association continues to communicate and share with all practitioners Mr. Parker's philosophy on life and the principles of his art.

     The structure of the Association is designed to insure a free exchange of ideas at all levels. Among the on-going goals of the Association are:

  1. The continued development of an unparalleled, quality Martial Arts System.

  2. The general promotion of the Martial Arts.

  3. The promotion of truth and logic that will educate all people as to what is practical and realistic in the Martial Arts.

  4. The production of quality teachers and students both nationally and internationally.

  5. Technical and personal support for individual members.

  6. Professional and expert business assistance for Association schools.

  7. Unequalled written and audio-visual material.

  8. The sanctioning and promotion of quality tournaments that promote quality Martial Artists and a healthy public opinion of the Art.

  9. Certification of Kenpo Instructors and schools to insure quality instruction, fair and honest business practices.


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