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      The Purpose and Goals of American Kenpo Concepts International are straightforward and simple; the exclusive teaching and promotion of "Ed Parker's System of American Kenpo" to individuals who believe in, and are committed to, standards of excellence in the Martial Arts. Our association is open to those individuals with a sincere desire to learn American Kenpo. The A.K.C.I. provides an opportunity for Instructors to work together: comparing, correcting, and improving upon the existing base of knowledge. "To increase your knowledge is not enough; you must increase your understanding of what you have learned." As one of Mr. Parker's proteges, the time has come to share the wealth of knowledge that he entrusted with me, to make myself available to those seeking to increase their knowledge, sharpen their skills and broaden their horizons, until they become fully qualified Instructors of American Kenpo, so that they too can pass the system down to the next generation.

      At the core of our association are goals reflecting those of the late Mr. Parker, recognized internationally as "The Father of American Karate" and leading exponent of the most innovative system to date. Senior Grand Master Edmund K. Parker founded the International Kenpo Karate Association in 1956. He was the Master Architect of a system of Martial Arts, which like the Great Pyramids was built to withstand the test of time. Kenpo is never outdated nor incomplete. By design Kenpo blends with encounters as they occur and is well suited to combat fighting styles prevalent today. Whether you're standing up or on the ground, Kenpo works. Kenpo is a disciplined Art Form whose tenet mandates that its practitioners explore; "Variable Expansion," renovate teaching methods and analogies, seek out new rhythms, timing, new applications using the "Rearrangement Concept," "Tailoring" American Kenpo to fit time and place ("Environmental Awareness"), positive innovations that will leave the system better than it was before we entered it. Similar to the Numeric Systems or the Alphabetical System of a language, We can create any number of combinations yet the Base (fundamentals or foundation) is unchanged. Such is the case with Kenpo.

      It is our objective to expound on Concepts, Principles, Terminology and Theories found in the Forms, Sets, and Techniques of Mr. Parker's system so that it will always be the Vanguard of the Martial Arts for generations to come, for those seeking perfection of Skill and Character through The Art of Kenpo.

      I understand the greater obligation and responsibility to teach the Art of Kenpo in the prescribed manner outlined by Mr. Parker takes Guts. It's a lot easier to discard what you don't like and replace it with the latest trend. This trend has reduced Martial Arts in the public eye to nothing more than a televised tough man competition in order to line the pockets of the pretentious. Contrary to popular claims, "all fights don't end up on the ground." Kenpo is a disciplined Art Form, held to a higher standard. It is with honor that I pick up the torch and use my influence to light the way for those who have not forgotten those who came before us, the pioneers that blazed a trail and paved the way for this generation and those to come with hard work, blood, sweat, and broken bones. It's been close to 19 years since Mr. Parker's death and some of his most trusted students have given up the pursuit to understand and teach the material that he spent over 40 years of his life sharing with the world. Saying No, I will not teach his way anymore, I'm going to change it just enough to make it mine is the easy road that some have taken. Yes, I will teach the System as outlined is the road less traveled since his absence. My loyalty goes beyond the grave. Yes, is the Road I choose.


American Kenpo Concepts International
Tommy Chavies President
7th Degree Black
1st Generation and Protege of
Mr. Edmund Kealoha Parker

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